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Congratulations Ahmad

2009-09-29 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Yesterday was one of my best friends' wedding day. I wish you and Farah the best of luck and all the prosperity life can offer. Congratulations.


2009-09-08 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

I saw the trailer for Dirt2 today


VMware Remote Console Firefox Plug-in And Arrow Keys

2009-06-30 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

VMware remote console was working properly for me when I was using Ubuntu Hardy. After upgrading to Jaunty the arrow keys stopped working inside the remote console. Seems some people face this problem even under windows.


Lighttpd, Joomla, And Clean URLs

2009-06-22 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

So I’m working on a new web server but I don’t want to use Apache since it’s a virtual machine. Had some trouble with the rewirte rules but I think I got them


Microsoft Community Night

2009-05-30 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

So I went to a community night hosted at the Microsoft Innovation Center here in Amman with my friend Bandar which he told me was interesting. Even though I knew I was going to be the only non-Microsoft guy there I thought I should check it out.


Throttling Outgoing Emails To Certain Domains With Postfix

2009-03-29 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

I’ve been busy setting up a PHPlist server for my employer. All tests went ok, but as soon as we sent our first newsletter Yahoo! blocked the server. After looking around for a solution people suggested we sign all outgoing emails with DomainKeys and not hammer Yahoo’s servers with consecutive connection.


Fixing MySQL Error 1064 With PHPList When Selecting New Criteria

2009-03-14 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

I’m currently experimenting with PHPlist to use for our corporate newsletters. During the tests I got the following error.


Solving The Frowning Issue

2009-02-28 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Jordanians are known for frowning. I hereby propose a cheap, yet efficient solution:


Happy Valentine's Day

2009-02-14 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

For all of you out there, happy Valentine’s Day. Yeah right! I don’t celebrate it, there are more important things in this world, just look at the comic below, inspired by real Jordanian lives.


Empathy, The New Kid On The Block

2009-02-05 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

If you’ve used Linux as a desktop, you’ll know it’s only playing catch-up when it comes to instant messaging. I’ve been using Pidgin since was called Gaim, I think I started using it back in 2003. I love how minimalistic it is. Sadly the developers are going nowhere with it, at least that’s my (as well as a few others) humble opinion.


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