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Booting Windows and Linux using the NT loader

2008-04-20 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

I recently decided to install Windows on my home PC since I wanted to play some games, it’s been about 3 years since I started using Linux exclusively but thought a change would be nice. Since I didn’t find good guides I decided to write my own :)


Some Gnome Key Binding Tips

2008-04-08 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

A few days ago I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade from Ubuntu 7.04 to 8.04. I’ve been using IceWM for a while and thought I should give Gnome a try. I’m used to Win+Something shortcuts so I wanted to implement those under Gnome. Here is a list of shortcuts that should cover the concepts:


Printing A Page Range In Outlook 2007

2008-03-25 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

My current employer is switching from FirstClass to Microsoft Exchange. One of the questions I got from an employee was how to make Outlook print the first page of an email. When I went to the print dialog I was surprised that it doesn’t have a page range selection option, which surprised me. Having used Windows since version 3.0 I found that option in all Windows applications. Anyways, according to Microsoft, you can’t.


Solving "Body type not supported by remote host" Under Postfix

2008-03-06 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

The other day I got some complaints from one of my mail users that he can’t send an email to someone. Since I’m the one causing the company to loose money because of my bad servers I had to “fix this issue”.


Signatures With Date Fields In Microsoft Outlook

2008-03-03 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Ok, so today our CEO said he wanted everybody to stamp their emails with the sending date. It’s very simple to just add the date manually, but as you know, a good engineer is a lazy engineer. So this is how I did it:


Apache, Rewrite Rules, Redirection, And Multiple Aliases

2007-03-14 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

One of our clients has a website that you can go to using multiple URLs. The server was set up in a way which does a redirection to point into a sub folder. This redirection changed the URL used to a specific one, and the client didn’t like that.


Why Windows Is Less Secure Than Linux

2007-02-08 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

A good Windows administrator can put together a more secure setup than a bad Linux administrator. This is an article I stumbled upon today, it shows, from a programmer’s point of view, why Windows is harder to secure than Linux.

~~ (Sadly the link no longer works)

Thunderbird, Linux, And New Email Notification

2007-01-07 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Now that I think of it, I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird for more than 3 years now, it is one of the best email clients I have ever seen, and with the available extensions, it can do almost anything.

At home, I only open Thunderbird when I want to check for new email, but at work, I like to leave it open all the time in case I get any emails from my coworkers.


My Wireless Experience

2006-12-17 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

I guess you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted anything for a while now. Well, I’ve been a little busy lately, one of the things I was working on is installing a wireless network at home. That project took too much time to complete because of some issues I had. And I’d like to share my story.At first, I went and bought a D-Link DSL-G624T. Good wireless range, nice external finish, built in DSL modem, it sure does remove a lot of the hassle of building a network. But after experimenting with it for 2 days, I was unable to forward SSH to my PC, the router is Linux based, and the firewall kept sending the SSH connections to itself, instead of forwarding them to the internal LAN.


Rotating Tomcat Logs

2006-11-06 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Something that had puzzled me for a while, when I first stared working for Integrant Inc. I noticed that the catalina.out file generated by tomcat was growing so big it sometimes reached 3 or even 4GB.


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