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Adding Oracle Support PHP On Ubuntu Xenial

2017-04-24 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

I’ve been recently asked to enable a web server running to PHP to connect to an Oracle database for a client. Sadly this doesn’t work natively on FreeBSD so I’m documenting how I managed to do it on Ubuntu Xenial. This was inspired by this post and this post.


Using The @ZainJo HSPA Dongle With Ubuntu Linux

2011-04-04 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

After my experience with Zain’s WiMAX, I didn’t think I’d be using their service again. But Zain gave me a 21Mbps dongle (The Huawei E367) for free as to see how much better the new service is and I thought I might as well try it. I’ll be writing on my experience with the service in a separate post inshalla.


Speeding up Firefox under Ubuntu

2010-02-14 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Ever wonder why browsing under Ubuntu is slower than Windows even on the same network? Well, it has to do with Ubuntu enabling IPv6 by default. This means Ubuntu will try IPv4 only after IPv6 times out. Also, Firefox comes built with Pango by default which makes it slower than it should be. I’ve fixed that on Karmic Koala, other versions should be similar. Here’s how to do it:


Cleaning Up Your Boot Partition With Ubuntu

2009-12-25 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

If you haven’t reinstalled Ubuntu in a while, the /boot partition will eventually fill up with all the updated kernels, and you’ll get an error when trying update.


Thunderbird, Linux, And New Email Notification

2007-01-07 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Now that I think of it, I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird for more than 3 years now, it is one of the best email clients I have ever seen, and with the available extensions, it can do almost anything.

At home, I only open Thunderbird when I want to check for new email, but at work, I like to leave it open all the time in case I get any emails from my coworkers.


An Internal Memory Card Reader/Writer and Gentoo Linux; The Dangerous Combination

2006-10-14 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Hello everybody, it’s me again. Before I begin, I just want to say that this one’s dedicated to my friend and brother Kilo, you’ll love it :D.

After spending some time with my new w810i -which I love so far, I decided to get a card reader/writer to transfer files to/from the phone. Even though the USB cable that came with the phone worked like a charm, but I don’t want to use it since it charges the battery as soon as the phone is plugged, and I like to charge batteries only when they die.


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