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Hexo Photo Gallery


So while I was migrating my data over from wordpress there were a few posts with photo galleries. The options I had were to write each photo gallery by hand or use the photos array in the front matter. What I did was change the photos array a bit and added the following code as a module

hexo.extend.tag.register('hexoGallery', function (args) {
	gallery = '<div class="flex three demo">';, i){
		gallery += '<div><img src="/imgs/spin.gif" class="lazy" data-src="';
		gallery += photo.split(",")[0];
		gallery += '"';
		gallery += 'data-jslghtbx="';
		gallery += photo.split(",")[1];
		gallery += '" data-jslghtbx-group="gallery"';
		gallery += '\>';
		gallery += '</div>';
	gallery += "</div>";
    return gallery;

The photos array needs to look like this:

    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/1-150x150.jpg
    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/1.jpg
    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/2-150x150.jpg
    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/2.jpg
    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/3-150x150.jpg
    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/3.jpg
    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/4-150x150.jpg
    - /2009/11/fixing-banders-xbox-360/4.jpg

The items ending with -150x150.jpg in the code above are the thumbnails and the files without that are the full size images. This will create a 3xN photo gallery.

Note that the code above uses the Picnic CSS framework for aligning the thumbnails and uses lazy loading. You can change to fit the libraries you use

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