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Recursively Upgrade Package Dependencies With pkgng

2014-11-11 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Update: I now just use pkg upgrade since I have better control over my package repo and it is a much better way to upgrade.

I’ve been hosting my own pkgng repository for a few months and loving it. One thing I’ve had problems with was upgrading package dependencies. For example, I would find myself upgrading Salt without upgrading ZMQ which led to lots of issues.

To upgrade a package and all its dependencies, run the following command

pkg info -d PKG_TO_UPGRADE | awk -F'-' '{for (i=1;i<NF-1;i++) { printf $i FS } print $i NL }' | xargs pkg install -y

What this does is get a list of package dependencies from pkgng, run them through awk to remove version numbers, then xargs runs the pkg install command on all packages.

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