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Microsoft Community Night

2009-05-30 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

So I went to a community night hosted at the Microsoft Innovation Center here in Amman with my friend Bandar which he told me was interesting. Even though I knew I was going to be the only non-Microsoft guy there I thought I should check it out.

The session was about using Silverlight with Sharepoint. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Silverlight’s capabilities. I only thought it was a Flash competitor, but it turned out to be more than that.

At the end of the session the host had a Sharepoint 2007 best practices book to give away. The organizers decided to ask a question and give the book to the person who answers it.

The funny thing was that I was the only person who knew the answer, and I was given the book. That’s when Bander jumped saying “Don’t give him the book! Don’t give him the book! He’s a Linux guy, 2 weeks ago he didn’t even know what Sharepoint is” :D

Anyways, fun night, and I’d like to play with Sharepoint and Silverlight and see what they’re capable of.

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