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2009-02-02 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Weird title, I know. It’s the title of a ShowTime series hosted by Penn & Teller, which I thought was appropriate for this rant. The thing is, I hate it when people act like jerks.

I work in Shmeasani, one of the busiest neighborhoods in Amman. It’s so jammed you can barely find free parking, and if you go with paid parking, you can pay up to 3 times the normal fees. As always, some people think they are better than everybody else, they erect poles and chain them together in front of their houses so people can’t park there. What kind of attitude is that?

I have seen this with my own eyes, when someone wants to visit this guy, they park in front of one of the neighbors’ houses. Quoting Penn. “And then there’s THIS a**hole” who actually has blocked parking in front of his house, where does he park? You guessed it, in front of his neighbor’s.

Does it annoy me when lots of people park in front of my house, yes, because I can’t park, but it’s no big deal. Does it happen? Sometimes. What do I do about it? Nothing, people need some place to park.

Word of advice, don’t do to others what you don’t like happening to you, A**hole!