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Surround Sound Under Ubuntu Hardy Heron

2008-04-27 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

Been using Ubuntu Hardy Heron for about a month now, and I have to say it rocks, the best Desktop Linux so far.

Anyways, I have a Creative Audigy 2 card since I’m not a fan of software mixing under Linux, which is connected to an old creative 4.1 set. Since I don’t have any space I hooked only the front speakers and use the rear channels with a headset. After upgrading to Hardy I couldn’t get the headset to work. I just found the solution on the Ubuntu forums and thought I should document.

The new Ubuntu uses PulseAudio as it’s default sound engine, you can set volume levels for each application separately which is cool if you ask me. PulseAudio uses 2 channels by default. All you have to do is change:

; default-sample-channels = 2


default-sample-channels = 6

In /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, then restart gdm and you’re done

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