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Tawjihi Results

2007-02-09 by Mohammad H. Al-Shami

So the Tawjihi results this semester should go online in about 5 minutes. As always, I’ve been getting calls since this morning asking me to check if the results came out or not. Tawjihi is the most important class in a student’s life, which faculty you go to depends entirely on the results of the exams you take during that class.

I pick up the newspaper, it says there are 33 web sites that will have the results online, which is quite impressive if you ask me. I visited each and every one of them. I’m not exaggerating when I say that about 25 -or maybe even more- only display a link to one of the other web sites. Now that’s not good, is it?? And I’m talking about those that actually worked (Not a load issue, just aren’t configured correctly)

At first, when I visited the web sites that actually hosted the results, they all said they will announce them after 3PM, that was more than 2 hours ago, but people kept calling every few minutes asking me to check again :/

Anyways, it’s about 3PM now, and to give you a small sample of how it’s like, some of the sites that actually published the results were, The ministry of education, which is currently down, Next, a major ISP, down (Actually all their web sites are down at the moment), and Cyberia, another major ISP, you guessed it, is also down. The only one that was actually working and it only posted the results at 3PM sharp. I got the results while I was writing this, and finally got rid of the nagging.

At the end, For those guys hosting such important web sites, here is a piece of advice, don’t design those web sites with the same concepts you do for sites that don’t get more than 10 hits a day, make sure to test them under high loads, before you even say you’re hosting those results. And please, if you’re only giving a link to another website, don’t even bother having your name in the paper :/ you’re giving people false hope.

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